“Discipled” By Our Kids

Raising our kids is more than an art or a skill. Many a times it takes more than who we are. As a parent, we need to be a role model for our kids. But very often, we ourselves are not up to it. There are many ways that we are more of a negative example. We have to strive to go beyond ourselves to be good. We do our best to show them what is right and good, even if sometimes we do not do it. In this manner, our kids are actually conditioning us to be good and right, so that we can be a good role model.

The bible tells us that as iron sharpens iron, so we sharpen one another. We can see that this can be applied to our kids too. Unknowingly, our kids are sharpening us to be a better person. There are times that we may scold our children for their wrong behaviour, but we do not realise that they can be mini reflection of ourselves. The kids have picked up certain aspects of our traits and bad habits which are inherent in us. Sometimes, their conditions may be worse than ours because of their need to seek attention. But nonetheless, their symptoms may share the same roots with ours. Therefore, it is good to pause and think whether our kids are reflecting some things about our own character. God has put them as mini mirrors so that we may be transformed for the better.

It is also interesting to note that our kids may display different personalities from ours. Different kids may even have different personalities. I believe that God has a great sense of humour in this. While some parents are so introverted, God blessed them with kids who are extroverted. While those extroverted parents can be blessed with introverted kids. We are constantly challenged by God not to conform to our personalities. No one should use our personalities as an excuse. We are challenged to move out of our comfort zone. The purpose of God is to transform us so that we may conform to the image of God.

The next time we are disciplining our kids, do remember that they are God’s instrument to disciple us too. We are constantly challenged to be good role models for them. They serve as mini mirrors to reflect our lives and values. They also portray different personalities to move us out of our comfort zone. They are indeed God’s precious gift to us.


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