Disciple Our Kids

It is never easy to bring up our kids, especially if we are to train them in the ways of the Lord. We cannot just depend on techniques or methods to bring the kids up. We also cannot just depend on their schools and other training centres to pass them knowledge and skills. They need parents to spend quantity and quality time with them. They need parents to communicate with them and understand them. They need patience and love from their parents. They need right principles and values to be inculcated in them through modeling of the parents. They need their parents to disciple them.

Discipling our kids is essential if we do not want our kids to become people who become so knowledgeable and skillful that they look down on others, including their parents. They may end up feeling that they are superior to others and are not able to communicate and understand others. They can become mechanical and superficial with relationships. They can become so demanding and unreasonable in just wanting things to go their way. All these can happen during our generation if we are not willing to disciple our kids.

Yes, we are all so busy. We have to earn big bucks to pay for the kids expenses and future education. But we cannot leave this awesome task of discipling our kids to our grandparents or our maids! We have to do this job because we are their parents. God has given us this great privilege and responsibility. Do not get too engrossed in providing for the needs for our kids, so much so that we do not have time to spend with them. We may have the money to get what is the best for them, but we may lose the chance to mold their character. We may even lose their love.

We reap what we sow. What we invest today is only seen in the future. The lack of discipleship in our kids today is experienced tomorrow. I hope that we do not wait to see the fruits in order to convince us. It may be too late as the kids would have reached a rebellious age. But if we invest time, patience and love, we will also get to enjoy the fruits tomorrow.

Do not just sacrifice to give our kids what is best in terms of knowledge and skills, they need us to give them our best in terms of our character. If not, we would find our “best” meaningless and futile. The best way to impart our character is by modeling. We need to be an example to our kids. We need to take time to explain to them what is right and wrong, good and bad. We need to embrace them and show acceptance for them. We need to make time for them. Recently, I have come across a few moms who gave up their big pay just to take care of their kids. This is admirable. Not that they are rich, but they found something more important. They are giving up money in exchange for their kids’ future. It is really not easy to face our kids whole day and do all the housework. It also takes a lot of faith to live on one salary. But I am sure they would find it rewarding some day.

Start discipling our kids today with our life, love and patience.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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