Prayer Requests

Much of the battle is actually not done in the frontline but in the closets of prayers. As such, we need your prayer support very much. We would be very glad if you would be willing to spend some time to intercede for this ministry everyday.

Pray for the people at Huay Sai Village to respond to the Lord. Over all the years, more and more people have been coming for our outreach meetings. Though many people have raised their hands during altar calls, they still are not clear about what being Christians really mean. To them, to embrace another god is better than one! There are also those who want to be Christians but their face some objections from their family or the local authorities. Some were even threatened to have their water and electricity supply cut off if they were to believe in Jesus. Pray that they would dare to declare and stand up for their faith, especially those who responded during Christmas. Pray for Pastor Chatchai to follow up closely on the people and help them make the decision to believe in the Lord. Pray that they would not be afraid to face the persecutions.

There are two Christian ladies who have just moved to Huay Sai. Pray that they could join Pastor Chatchai for worship on Sunday. Pray that they can grow strong in the Lord and their husbands would not object to their faith.

There are currently several kids requesting to stay at Shannon Home. Pray for discernment to bring in the right kids with genuine needs. Pray also for more supporters to be willing to adopt these kids. Pray for God to provide for the salary of our guardian, Ah Wu (Pastor Chatchai’s wife) as well.

Pray for the business at Huay Sai to improve so that we can better support the ministry. Pray for the various agricultural products, and the poultry and pig farm businesses to grow. We hope that our ministry can be more sustainable in the long run so that we would not need to depend fully on support.

Pray for Pastor Li at Xu Ri Orphanage to be able to raise enough funds to build a new orphanage. The current place floods every year during raining season thus making the water very dirty. They also face the uncertainty of rent increase or rental termination. Pray also for the children will be able to adapt to the changes as they move to this new place.

Pray for more like-minded people who share similar vision on missions and discipleship to harness together. Pray that CTD network would be able to grow and we can form strong discipleship groups in Singapore and in Thailand.

Pray for our building projects such as training shed, Shannon Home, Shema Retreat Home and farms to go on smoothly. Pray that there would be enough funds to carry out the above works.

Thank you so much for your partnership and prayers. May God bless you for being our prayer warriors!

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