Shema Retreat Home

Our lives are so busy and hectic. We have such a tight schedule that we hardly have time to rest or pause to reflect. On top of that, some of us are also busy serving in church on our rest day. I would not be surprised if some of us have been serving on empty tank for some time. It is time we give ourselves a break! Let’s go for a short retreat.

We are pleased to inform you that Shema Retreat Home is now ready for accommodation. This is a secluded and peaceful place up in Chiang Dao area (about 100km from Chiang Mai International Airport) where you can have a breather while enjoying the scenic view. You can put everything aside and enjoy your retreat. As you might have known, we have named the place “Shema” because we hope that it would be a place to hear God. The logo takes the shape of two ears forming two heart shapes. It means we need to hear God ear to ear and connect to God heart to heart.


Though this is not a five-star hotel, it is a simple and cozy home with most of the basic necessities. There are three rooms for accommodation. Each room has three single beds and a sofa bed. Besides these, there is a cupboard, a clothes-hanging frame, a fan and a table and some chairs. There is also a toilet with water heater shower in each room. The rooms are all air-conditioned and are connected to a living room for interaction and worship. There is a small kitchen with a fridge, a microwave and also a washing machine. This home is ideal for mission teams or retreat groups of 9-12 persons. The rate is 800 baht (about S$33+) per night per room for 3 pax, 200 baht for the fourth pax. Breakfast is provided by Ah Wu at 60 baht per pax. Do come and stay at Shema Retreat Home when you visit or if you are looking for a good place for retreat.




We hope that you will get to realign your purpose, rekindle your passion and renew your mind in this retreat. There will be a lot of time where you will be left alone to think and reflect. But there will also be time for you to share in groups. However, this is not a silent retreat though silent is encouraged. We believed that while appreciating the beauty of silence, we should also enjoy the community. As such, you will be given time to interact with others as well. Through this retreat, we will lead you through times of worship, devotion, reflection, meditation and resolution as well.

For those with children aged 5-12, you need not worry too. We can made special arrangements to conduct cross-cultural programs for them while you are having your retreat. There will be programs like farming and cooking for them. I am sure that it would be a memorable experience for them! At night, you will be able to come together as a family to have your family time together. You can have a great time of bonding together which we often lack back in our country. Through this retreat, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


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