The Logical Way

Besides looking for the easiest way, our human minds will also look for the most logical way. We reason with our minds to look for what is the most feasible. Now, we are equipped with various management tools even, to help us with our evaluations so that we can have the most logical and sound judgment. I am not suggesting that we throw away our commonsense or our ability to reflect and evaluate, but we must be careful not to rely too much on human reasoning, not to say all the management tools. They can help us to make a sound judgment but let us not forget we have a supra-logical God. God can work above logic. If we read the Bible, we would be able to find many instances that God worked beyond human logic. Isaiah proclaimed that indeed God’s way is higher than our ways and His thought is higher than our thought. We must always remember to leave room for God’s ‘absurdities’. God does not work within our framework and therefore, does not have the limitations and conditions that we are facing. As such, He can work beyond human reason to establish His will.
If everything is within human reason, it also mean that there is no need for faith. Sometimes we deceived ourselves by saying that we placed our faith in God for our plans where in fact, we have worked out a ‘flawless’ plan with backups. And God has to sink this ‘unsinkable Titanic’ plan just to tell us that we have been relying on our own cleverness rather than Him. We must allow God to work, even if it seems illogical or irrational to us. This is where it requires faith and faith requires us to take risks for God. Don’t wait for our perfect plan. Don’t wait for all the resources to be ready. Rather, allow the Spirit of God to direct us and guide us. Be humble to learn from the Lord and admit that we are never clever enough. Sometimes, even the wisdom of a child can bewilder us. There is nothing boastful about ourselves. Don’t let knowledge become our god.


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