Information or Internalization?

We are bombarded with lots of information every day. Now with the use of smartphones and tablets, information is right at our fingertips. We have so much information that we may feel numb by the information we receive. They no longer strike us as before. We can end up just reading for information.

However, information can be of great value if we know how to process and use them. Information can be more than knowledge if we know how it can be applied. It can become valuable lessons for us if we process them internally. It can become wisdom for us when we have internalized the right information.

How should we process this information?  We need to define our values. Basically, it means that we need to know not just what is good and bad, but also why good is good and why bad is bad. The basis of judging is, of course, the Bible. It is good to know what the Bible says about each piece of information. Next, is the process of searching. It is about going through our minds the worldviews we are holding on to. In searching our souls, God reveals to us the values and principles that we need to change. There is also the process of filtering. We need to separate what is true from false, right from wrong, and good from bad. What is true, right and good can be used to form our character, meanwhile that which is false, wrong and bad should be discarded. Last but not least, we reach the process of internalization. We need to use the right and useful information to form our values and principles for our lives. Then they can become wisdom for us. When situation arises, we would be able to make the right judgment and sound decision.

I know with the overdose of information, we would not be able to process all of the information we received. But at least, we can start to process some information rather than letting all of them slip past us.


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