Back to Ancient Paths

How do we feel when we read the same old passage again and again? Sometimes we get bored and switch off our thinking mode assuming we already know the passage. While it is true that we may know the story, but we may not have been renewed in our minds. We need to learn to extract biblical principles and values from the passage and use them to renew our mind. It is these principles and values that are timeless. But many failed to do so.
Instead of spending time to unravel these precious principles and values, some turn to other sources to look for ‘new’ teachings. When people talks about numerology in the bible, symbolism in the bible, allegories in the bible, they become very excited. We must be careful not to read too much into the bible. These kinds of knowledge just puffs us up without substance and content. We can end up becoming Christians who are hyped up on the outside but hollow inside. For these kinds of knowledge can never build up our spiritual lives. It is more worthwhile to go back to the ancient paths of God. There are more than enough for us to digest. It is a matter whether we want to dig into this gold mine or not. Do not always wait for people to spoon feed us. While receiving teaching, make sure we learn the biblical principles and values for our lives rather than just going for the knowledge. Let us be people who not only know the story but also living the word of God.


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