Reflection and Action

This is a busy society. We have so much things to do that we often feel awkward when we are free. Some of us would even feel guilty when we take a rest. We would tend to find something to be occupied with. Even when we are free, many of us would read a magazine, listen to the music, or now our favourite –play with our smartphones. There is just so much we can do.
With all these ‘noises’ of this world, we are driven to act. Very seldom, we would spend time in solitude and reflect on God. Actually there are many things we can reflect. We can think about the Word of God and what God is saying to us. We can also reflect about what God is saying to us through the things that are happening around us. Rather than rushing into action, we can also reflect on what God is doing. Our experiences are also good to reflect, so that our experiences would not go futile. While reflection without action can lead to passivity. Action without reflection can lead to foolishness and impulsiveness. We may end up doing a lot of things without learning. God may also allow us to go through the same experience again and again in order to chasten us and discipline us.
Therefore, it is vital that action be coupled with reflection. Then there will be meaningful actions and wise lessons learnt. Let us think before we do and reflect after we act.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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