Authenticity of God’s Ministry

Nowadays, many Christians tend to evaluate a ministry based on its works. People flock to churches where there are prophecies, casting of demons or various miracles. They see these works as proof of God’s presence. So whenever there are some popular speakers in town, they would go for their meeting. I was surprised at the turn out of one meeting in Thailand even though the speaker was well known for preaching prosperity Gospel and even misuse of funds. I realized that our faith has been reduced to looking for what works rather than looking for what’s true. To many, if there are signs and wonders present, then it must be true. Deep within our worldview, we are still concerned about what benefits us rather than what is really true. We forget that even the magicians in Moses’ time could perform lots of miracles and wonders. Jesus made it clear in the Gospel of Matthew that not everyone who calls Him Lord would be allowed to enter the kingdom of God, even if they prophesied, cast out demons or performed miracles. The authenticity of our ministry is not by our works but by our belief. Is our belief rooted in the word of God or do we manipulate them for selfish gain? Are we really building our faith on the solid Rock or on shaky sand? Let us renew our minds, do not just get excited by the external works. We must get the truth of God into us and let it bear the fruit of repentance in our lives. Do not blindly follow those leaders who exalt themselves but are so clever with their words that we are taken in by them. We should always check them based on the word of God, even if we can derive some benefits from them out of their preaching or their miracles.


About Centre for Transformation and Development

CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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