Contention or Contentment?

There are many things that can happen to us in our lives. Some of which we may feel that it is not fair. These result in doubts or bitterness. Some of these things can also result in uncertainty and change in our living conditions too. These circumstances can actually result in points of contention with the Lord. When we allow these contentions to accumulate, they would subtly but definitely affect our faith in God. They distort the views we have about God. We usually end up seeing God as One who is stingy and One who is always making things difficult for us. But our God is actually not like this. He is a generous God who blesses us more than we can imagine. His loving plan continues to unfold His goodness in our lives despite our failure to follow Him closely and to understand His good and perfect will. Therefore, let us not be ignorant when we face trials, they are for the purification of our faith, so that we may experience more joy and hope. Instead of contention, let us ask God for a heart of contentment. Whether rich or poor, good or bad, smooth-sailing or rough-going, we can be contented in the Lord. Our faith rests not on circumstances, but on God Himself, who never fails us. He is greater than what we experience. He is more loving than what we think of Him. He is more gracious and merciful than what we expect of Him. Let our contentment in God overwhelm our contention with God. Sing to the Lord a new song and  rejoice in Him.


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