Transforming Worldviews

One of the greatest challenges in making disciples is transforming lives. But life transformation cannot occur if there is a lack of understanding of our own worldviews. Worldviews are basically embedded mindsets which we truly believe in. These are the things that shape our lives. Even when we become Christians, our old worldviews will not be totally displaced. These old worldviews can only be displaced at a rate of our discovery of them and at the same time, be open to God by believing in His kingdom worldviews. Many believers actually live their lives without transforming their worldviews, as such, their lives remain unchanged even after years believing in Jesus. No one loves to change anyway, especially changes that inconvenience them.
Most people tend to focus on other things. They tend to focus on outward actions and service to God. They even use these outward activities to provide a mask to their inner lives. But by doing so, it only complicates matter. We can end up with a hollow and shallow spirituality that cannot stand the tests of God. Therefore, transforming worldviews should not be avoided. We should take up this challenge and be transformed by God.
However, it is not easy to surface our worldviews. Most of us would usually tackle the symptoms rather than tracing the roots of the symptoms. We actually need to meditate on the word of God and search our hearts in greater depth in order to know our worldviews. When we get to know what is within ourselves,  we can then ask God to remove our bad roots and replace old worldviews with new ones. Let us therefore allow God to transform us at the root of our beliefs.


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  1. Your article reminds me of what my previous pastor once shared .. he was wondering why a tree in our church looks good but was not bearing fruits. Discovered the reason only when the tree was axed … hollow in the core. Yes, looks good on the outside but hollow on the inside.

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