Proving Worth or Ascribing Worth?

Neil Andersen has shared that humans’ greatest struggle is for three things: significance, security and acceptance. At the heart of these three things is actually the struggle for self-worth. When we do not find our sense of worth, we would always struggle to find ways to prove our worth. As such, we are concerned about how important we are in the eyes of others. We are worried that we are not well accepted. This results in insecurity in our lives.
The proof of our worth can impact different areas of our lives. It is not just something that we struggle for in the world. Yes, we may be more familiar with such a struggle in the world, but it also exists in the church as well. One of the most common area is Christian service. Many believers actually use service to prove their worth in God. They want to be noticed and be appraised by men. They feel jealous when others have more opportunities to serve than them or assume a higher position that they think they should assume.
There is actually no need for us to prove our worth simply because our worth is never meant to be attained this way. So no matter how hard we try, our worth can never be increased. The truth is that our worth is never about attainment, it’s about reception. Our worth is bestowed upon us by God as His lovely creation when we reconciled with Him through Jesus Christ. Our worth is given freely to us by His grace and not something earned. Our worth never changes in the eyes of God, no matter how much we serve Him. Let us, therefore, find rest in Him. Don’t worry too much about how others look at us or how we think others look at us. Don’t even be imprisoned by the way we look at ourselves. We are forever precious in His sight.


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