Technology can be Dangerous

There was once that I tried to use Super Wall in Facebook. As this was the first time I was using it, it led to a page to send a picture as a start. I was actually trying to send this picture just to a few persons, but once I click ‘post’, it was sent to all my friends. There is more to come. It then led me to send a video. I don’t know why all the videos are something not too edifying. All contain some sexual content. What’s worst, I cannot find any button to move to other category or to exit this page. The only button I saw was ‘post’. I thought since I did not select any video, I could safely click ‘post’ to send a nil post. Within minutes, my friend wrote to me asking why am I sending this video to her? Then I know the big trouble I am in. It has automatically selected the first video with nude pictures though censored and sent it to all my friends. Once sent, there is no way to get it back. I had to send apology and ask them to delete the videos. Technology can be so dangerous. There is no way of turning back. Be careful! The bad things also come with the good.


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