One Party Government?

Looking at the general elections happening around the world, we would notice one common phenomenon. Even if one major party wins the race, it is no longer a clean sweep. People are electing the opposition to have their voice heard. It may not even be that the opposition party is good, but people are not comfortable with a party holding on for too long and having all the say all the time. People prefer to have opposition. But the end result is questionable. It ends up with a government who cannot perform properly because of the opposition trying to reverse what they do. The government loses their authority. People are the one who check on them and even warn them. I wonder what a government really is and how the government would ever function properly. Although the people’s concern may be corruption or afraid of any abuse of power, there still need to have respect for the authority. It is more and more difficult to be a government, for sure. But I do hope there are credible governments that people can trust to run the country, whether they voted for the government or not. Whoever wins, we need to respect the outcome. People are trying ways and means to challenge the elected government. That won’t work. Government has to be credible, people has to support and give time. Don’t protest for the sake of protest. When we protest, we better know what a better way is. Don’t just raise problems, find possible solution first. It is never easy to run a country.

This has become the way we react. I guess we will also gradually see this way of reaction in our workplace and in our home. Everyone thinks of their rights. They no longer know what a privilege is. May God grant us wisdom to handle all these because a lot of problems are brewing not just in our country, but also our workplace and our home.


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