Started Private, Ended Public

When the blogging industry got started, it was for people who do not want to disclose themselves, but yet wanted to keep their ‘secrets’ public. But this purpose seems to have taken a 360 degree turn. With so many social networks around, every thing that you write, think and unload becomes visible to every body. When you communicate with one person in the network, every body would know unless you purposely adjust the settings. That’s what I call started private, but ended public. More people may know us than we think. Last time they used to say that if the sender is a dog, they would not know the sender is a dog. But now they even know what kind of dog you are!!

I wonder do we really intend to keep our life private. Or we actually like it to be public. At the end of the day, we still prefer people to know who we are. But without knowing us face to face…


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