Cockroach or Firefly? 蟑螂或萤火虫?

Many of us are scared of cockroaches. We are especially scared when they run toward us when we switch on the light in the room. Why do cockroaches run toward us when we switch on the light? Are they not afraid of us? Sure they do. But they are looking for dark patches to hide and when we switch on the light, our shadow become the nearest dark patch. No wonder they run toward us rather than go into hiding. They are just hiding in our shadow.
Though we do not like cockroaches, we do behave like them at times. When exposed to the light of God, we like to hide in our darkness. We are unwilling to come out of the shadow and stay in the marvellous light of God. We are afraid of our sins being exposed.
Let us not live like cockroaches anymore. God wants us to live like fireflies. We need not live in the shadow of darkness. Jesus can shine into every dark corner of our lives and grant us a new beginning. He calls us to be the light of the world. We are like little fireflies that can emit light. We can even bring this little light of ours to light up the lives of others. This season, let us stop behaving like cockroaches and be little fireflies that shine in the world of darkness. Amen.

我们大多数人都怕蟑螂. 特别是当我们开房间的灯时, 它们跑向我们的时候. 为什么当我们开灯时 蟑螂会跑向我们呢? 它们不怕我们吗? 它们当然怕, 但是当我们开灯时, 它们就会寻找黑暗的地方躲藏, 而我们的影子就是那最黑暗的地方了. 难怪它们会跑向我们. 它们正躲藏在我们的影子里呢!

虽然我们不喜欢蟑螂, 但我们有时侯也会象它们. 当神的光照着我们的时候, 我们喜欢藏在黑暗中. 我们不愿意从影子中出来, 不愿在神那奇妙的光里呆着. 我们害怕我们的罪会被揭穿.

让我们不要象蟑螂一样地活着. 神要我们象萤火虫一般地活着. 我们不必活在黑暗的影子里. 耶稣可以照亮我们生命中每一个黑暗的角落, 更能够给予我们一个新的开始. 神叫我们成为世上的光. 我们就象小小的萤火虫一般, 能够发出亮光. 我们还能把这微小的亮光带给别人,照亮他们的生命. 在这个季节里, 让我们不要象蟑螂但让我们做小小萤火虫照亮这黑暗的世界. 阿们.



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