Sand In Our Shoes 鞋里的沙粒

I once saw a shirt that says “Our journey is not painful because of the pebbles on the road but because of the sand in our shoes.” How true it is. Our current journey may have challenges, but it is the baggage that we carry that makes our path even more unbearing. The only way is to let go of our baggage. We can cast all our cares to Jesus because He cares for us. Jesus, the Healer, can heal all our inner wounds. But are we willing to take off our shoes? If we are willing to make a confession to God about our hurts and pain? If so God would surely clear the sand in our shoes. We would then be more prepared for the long journey ahead.

我曾经看到有人的衣服上这样写着,”我们疼痛不是因为路途上有太多的石子,而是我们的鞋子里有太多的沙粒。” 的确的,我们的路途虽然有许多挑战, 但是往往让我们现在的路走得更疼痛的是我们所背着的包袱。唯一的方法就是卸下包袱. 我们能够把我们一切的顾虑交托给主耶稣, 因为他卷顾我们. 耶稣是医治者, 他能医治我们内心里的忧伤. 但我们愿意拖掉我们的鞋子向神承认我们所有的忧伤和痛处吗? 如果愿意, 神必定会除去我们鞋里的沙子. 这样一来, 我们就能够走前头更长的路。


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