For God and With God

There are many things we might want to do for God. We set goals and get busy with doing many things. We think that we could please God by doing all these things for God. But doing things for God does not necessarily mean that we are doing those things with God. We might in fact, moving faster than God or worse, we might reduce our actions to mere rituals to satisfy our own ego in the name of God. We need to know that what please God is not that we have a whole lots of things that we want do for God, but more importantly, we are doing things God wants us to do together with Him. As parents, we might understand this point better. There could be a lot of things we do for our children. But they are never satisfied. What is important is to do things with them. Doing things with them is actually more important than just doing things for them. Some parents just missed the point when they are so busy. Since they are so busy and tired, they can only afford to do things for them. They send their children for many classes to help them improve. They provide a lot of things for them as well yet their children still do not appreciate them. They even get angry with their children for not understanding how much they have sacrificed. They do not realised that doing things with their children is more important than just doing things for them. Though God is not in need of our time, He longs for time with us. He seeks opportunity to do things with us rather than just expects us to do things for Him. Let us, therefore, not rush into doing ministry for God but to do ministry with Him. Serving God is about relating and being. It is not just about doing and completing.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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