Segmented or Connected?

Many people live their lives as segments: family, friends, work, recreation and religion. This might sounds good and I do agree that there is a certain degree of segmentation that we need to apply. But the main issue is with our faith. For most Asians, they see that their faiths have very little to do with their lives. They could be swearing and cursing outside but suddenly turned very religious in their place of worship. After worshipping, they are back to their old self again. For them, there is no need to demonstrate consistency between their life and faith. However, Christianity should not be like this. God never dwells in a confined segment called religion in our lives only, He is our whole life and being. In fact, Christ should permeate every segments of our lives so that we might be changed in all aspects.
If we were to segmentize God, we would end up putting on a spiritual mask. Not only that, our lives would remain unchange no matter how long we believed in Him. It is therefore important to be connected with God in all areas of our lives. We need to open up our lives and let God change the way we handle ourselves, our family, our friends and our work. Only then, can we live out authentic Christianity. If not, Christianity would just be like an ornament – just fit for show. Let us allow God to impact our lives as a whole and live lives that are connected to God.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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