Competing or Complementing?

There are many things which we compete for with one another in life. We use competition to drive ourselves to be better than others. This same spirit can happen to us in the church as well. We may be competing with one another for power or positions or some other things in church too. Churches can end up competing with each other over their dominance and resources as well. Rather than competing, why don’t we learn to complement one another? Isn’t this the way God has created us to be? We are all different parts of the same body. We cannot do without the other, including those who are weaker. Whether we are believers in church or among churches, we should be complementing one another in the kingdom of God. We should be supplementing one another in terms of our manpower and resources rather than just being concerned with building our own “kingdom”. Only when we learn to complement one another, in big or small ways, will we be able to live out the fullest potential of what we are meant to be. Let us accept one another. Let us also accept one another’s church. Let us stop having that competitive spirit that put ourselves up above the rest but choose to complement others so as to bring out the best in others.


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