Knowing or Learning?

With an overdose of knowledge in this world, there is a greater tendency to know a lot of things without learning them. Knowing can just be head knowledge. There are people who know the Bible inside out but yet never learn from God Himself. One good example is the Pharisees in the Bible. Jesus said that their hearts were actually far away from God. When we read a Bible passage or listen to a sermon today, we may be quick to say that “we know already”, but by saying that we know, we are actually shutting the door to our learning. Dear friends, we must not stay at knowing, but let the knowing become a learning experience. Learning is about internalizing our knowledge such that it becomes relevant, meaningful and applicable to our lives. In this way, the Bible becomes living and active in us. The true essence of the living Word actually transforms our inner lives and changes our conduct, resulting in good deeds that leads to praises to God. We would then be able to not only do the Word but also teach the Word to others.


About Centre for Transformation and Development

CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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