Step by Step

How we wish we can know all of God’s plan for us all at one time. We don’t like the feeling of uncertainty and unpredictability. That’s why some people turn to fortune-telling or horoscopes. They didn’t know that these occults only whet our appetite. Worse, they create self-fulfilling prophecies which cause our hearts to fear our tomorrow. The reason why God doesn’t tell us what’s going to happen and why some things are happening is because God wants us to know that He is greater than our tomorrow. We should trust Him and seek Him. He will guide us by our hands and show us one step at a time. Don’t complain that one step is too little when we cannot even walk properly, not to even say run properly. If God were to unveil all of His plan for us today all at one go, I wonder how many of us would fall off our chairs and die of heart attack. For our sake, God only reveal what our faith can take lest we get scared to death. If we want to know more about our future, the only way is to increase our faith.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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