A Point or a Process?

There are some events in our Christian walk that occur at a point in time while some others happen as a process. However, we tend to confuse the two of them because it is not easy to differentiate the two and is difficult to explain them. Those things that should occur at a point we delay. But those things that need a longer time to accomplish we hope that they can take place at a point. There are two important issues here. Firstly, decisions should happen at a point though they themselves need processes to derive at. Examples are our repentance and our responses to God. Through different processes, God leads us to repentance and respond to Him and we make a decision at a point in time. After we derive at a decision or a response at a point in time, it would then trigger a process again. This is the process of santification – a process by which God purifies and refines us through a period of time. Secondly, the process of sanctification helps us to fulfill our decision but not to reverse the decision. Simply put, sanctification takes time. Most of us do not change overnight although we have decided or responded to turn from our old self, unless there is a direct intervention from God. We would still fall into temptations in that process, but we should not be discouraged and think it is better to go back to our old life instead. What is important in the sanctification process is that we should be sinning less and getting more sensitive to sins. We should not return to our old life just because we have not been able to fully kick away our bad habits. Sanctification seldom happens at a point but it is usually a process to help us fulfill our decisions or responses to God. Let us not delay our decisions to respond and be patient during the sanctification process.


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