Pseudo Freedom or True Freedom?

People want freedom. They fight for freedom too. But many do so without knowing the true meaning of it. To some, freedom means the right to do whatever they want and like. They think that freedom should not have any boundaries. But they do not know that by seeking freedom they are losing freedom. Pseudo freedom is about gratifications of our flesh. When we pursue it, we become enslaved by our flesh. We end up having problem controlling ourselves. We are what the Bible calls enslavement to our sins. True freedom is not the right to do whatever we want or like. It is being “enslaved” to righteousness. True freedom does have a boundary. But it is not an external discipline about do’s and don’t’s. If so, it would only be behavioral and superficial which is not sustainable in the long run. Sad to say, many people run on this mode, that’s why their lives are not changed and following Christ become a chore to them. True freedom is about redefining the boundary in our conscience through the impact of the Word and the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God convicts us within not just what is sinful, but also what is righteous, thus redefining the boundary within us. It is an awakening call for our marred conscience. When the boundary is redefined, we would act upon what is right naturally without the need to enforce a discipline on ourselves. How many of us need to be reminded that it is wrong to steal or murder? Hardly, because our conscience has already been rightly defined for us those sins. The more the boundary is being redefined, the more freedom we would experience. We become free in Christ and therefore no longer subject to the law of Christ because the law is already written in our hearts! Don’t fight for pseudo freedom that leads to turmoil. Pursue true freedom in Christ and we will have peace within.


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