Perfect Ones or the Perfect One?

Many people look for “perfect ones” among them. But to their dismay, they end up seeing more imperfections of man. They become more disappointed and disheartened. Some even get hurt or become bitter. They did not realize that it is not possible to find any perfect people in an imperfect world. Only the One above is perfect. Only He does not disappoint us. So the question is whether we are still looking for solutions from people or we are looking to God for help. It is therefore necessary that we manage our expectations of people because the more we expect, the more we will be disappointed. It would be interesting to note that the people closest to us are usually the people that hurt us the most. Not because they are more imperfect, but because our expectations of them are higher. It is also surprising to see that the flaws that put us off in others may also be inherent in ourselves. Simply because those flaws are what we hate to see in ourselves too. The Bible tells us that only God is perfect. Therefore we can only look up not look down. The perfection of God must then motivate us to be holy and righteous in our lives. The word of God must be a mirror for us to look at our own imperfections first so that we can pursue godliness. As for the imperfections around us, rather than pointing our fingers at them, it may be better for us to walk alongside them. It is always easier to motivate someone to change by letting him know that we are not better or superior than them but willing to stand by him and do the battle together. It is about iron sharpening iron rather than needle sharpening iron. We must come in our humility and fraility to overcome imperfections. When we are weak, then we can become strong. So before we point finger at the imperfect ones today, look up to the Perfect One and look into ourselves and cry out “Woe to me, for I am a man of unclean lips.”


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