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Slow Down

We are often so busy and even hectic. We walk so fast and speak so fast. We don’t have time to enjoy the beauty of nature along our way. We don’t have time to listen to the voices of the people around us or tend to their needs. We don’t even have time to talk to our spouse or play and listen to our children.

Yet the irony is that while missing out so much of these things, we may be busy serving God, visiting people or sharing the Gospel with others. We have a whole list of people we need to meet and talk to. We attend so many meetings and accomplish so much things. We have become so programmatic and mechanical. Everything must be in accordance to our schedule and we must meet our goals.

Perhaps it’s time to slow down. Don’t do too much. Take time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Observe the people around us and listen to their inner voices. Talk to your spouse and play with your children. Allow things to get a bit ‘messy’. Don’t strive to control all things including time. Yes, we may be serving in church, but we maybe serving programmes and not God. We maybe just meeting our goals or quotas. Don’t be too deliberate in all things. Let things come naturally. We will realise that we always have people we can listen to, help or even discipled. We need not just restrict ourselves to targeted people only.

Let the life of Christ flow out of you naturally. Don’t try to squeeze it out. Don’t try to box it up. Time to slow down friends.