Name and Title

There was a well-known preacher who was great in exposition and preaching. People around the region would invite him to speak very often. But he did not believe in one thing: there is no need for ordination. He believed that he had the mandate from God and anointed by God. To be ordained or not is just a matter of title. But his view changed one day when he went to the States. When he went to the States, he realized that the church leaders were looking down on him because he was just a preacher and not a Reverend. He was upset that the church of Jesus Christ was so concerned about the title. So after his trip, he decided to get ordained and not only so, he also ordained as many pastors as possible so that they also have Reverend as their title.
We may laugh at this story but this is how the church is operating today. They go by name, title and denomination. They will see if you have some big name and any Reverend attached to your title. They will see what denomination you are from and whether you are a member if the church. If you are a Reverend in one denomination and you decided to cross over to another, well, you may even get your title erased and start as a preacher again. The independent churches are more accepting perhaps.
We must be careful not to emphasize too much on our name, title, denomination and church membership. It can bring division in the body of Christ. We are all one body and we share the same baptism and Lord. Our name, title, denomination and membership just tells us the authority, responsibility and history that we are entrusted with. There is nothing to be boastful about that we should feel that we are superior to others. Let all churches unite in Christ’s name.


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