Right Intention, Right Thing, Right Way

If we are to grow in obedience to God, there are three things that we should look into:
1) Right intention. God weighs our heart. He knows the intention deep within. We need to have a right intention if we are to please God. It concerns whether our thinking is in line with the principles and values of God.
2) Right thing. With so many choices on hand, it is becoming more difficult to make the right choice. It is often said that we need to do the right thing, at the right time, at the right place and say the right words. Some of us may have the right intention, but we may not have choose the right thing to do. We need the wisdom of God to help us choose the right thing to do so that we would not break the commandments of God.
3) Right way. After knowing what is right to do. We still have to decide how to do it. We may be able to choose the right things, but are we able to do the things right? Like it or not, there are many ways of doing things. If we always choose to do things our way, we are unlikely to be sensitive to others. While right intention check our thinking and choosing the right thing check our actions towards God, doing things the right way check our attitudes and actions towards people. This is because God did not just commanded us to love Him but also to love our neighbour as ourselves. Disregarding the feelings of others may not just provoke others but it may even cause people to be less receptive to the things we say. We experience this most in the way people are sharing the Gospel. Even with right intention, many people are put off because of the insensitive way we present the Gospel.
Let us ask God to sanctify our thoughts so that we have the right intention. May we also have the wisdom to choose the right thing that pleases God and finally, the sensitivity towards others to do things the right way.


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