The message of God is transferrable. It is meant to be passed on from generations to generations. We are to pass them down to faithful people who would subsequently pass it on to others. This process highlights the importance of impartation. We must bear in mind that we need to communicate the truth in a clear and understandable way without compromising it. We should not teach only the simple things nor try to make things more complicated, instead we should learn to make the profound truth of God simple and easy to grasp. Many of us are fearful of becoming teachers for fear that we are not spiritual enough or that we might teach the wrong things. Yet there are others who are very keen to teach without building their inner lives first. Both are areas that we need to look out for, but whatever it is, the truth is that we learn the most when we are teaching if we adopt the right attitude. If we are humble to learn, we would also be humble to teach. We would do our best to handle the truth of God. In this manner, we would be able to disciple and sharpen one another, thus building the kingdom of God.


About Centre for Transformation and Development

CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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