God Is 24/7 But Not Us

Thank God that our God neither sleeps nor slumber, He is always ready to help us in times of need. We have a God that is on call 24/7. However, this only applies to God. God has not created us to be 24/7. But it seems that we are moving in that direction. With more 24/7 shops and banks, we are working round the clock. Even if we are not working in a shop that operates 24/7, most of us still work like 24/7 human beings. We have to work everyday so as to play very hard in the weekends. Some do not even get their weekends, they just bring their work home to do. In the name of productivity and efficiency, we are working harder and longer. Each person is taking the load of more than what one can handle. Even in the church, we can get busier than the world. We forget that we are not God. We do not have a super body. We are created to rest and feel rested in God. We should not be too busy for God.
When we overwork, not only we hurt our health, we also displace God. How would we have time for God if we try to work harder than God? We would even try to solve every problem on our own rather than relying on God to help. We can become greater and God becomes smaller, until He just disappear. Living in a 24/7 world, do we have room for Jesus?  While celebrating Christmas, do we feel rested in God?
Believe that we can make a difference. Do not follow the world blindly. We are not slaves to work but to God. God has never intended for us to work to this extent. This includes our service to Him. Do not serve to the extent that we lose our souls. I know many of us are not working for money, but we are driven by our responsibility. For some churches this is a sense of urgency. This is a season to rethink again and choose the life that God intends for us to have. Observing Sabbath, resting and sleeping are important. The sense of stillness, restedness and contemplative reflection is even more crucial. We need to show the tired and worn out world how to rest. Unless we make a deliberate choice, we will all be heading toward 24/7. Why not have a rested Christmas this year? CTD wishes all a blessed and rested Christmas.


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