Miracles Not For Show

There is no doubt that God can still perform miracles today. However, the way miracles are performed has changed. In the Bible, Jesus performed miracles to help those who were sick or demon-possessed. His focus was on the person. It was usually carried out in a low-profiled manner so that it would not attract too much attention. It was never done to increase His popularity or to make Him more well-known. He never allowed the miracles to point to Himself but to God the Father.
Some churches today has departed from this truth. Miracles done today are  targeted at the audience. They are for show, more like a performance. They would publicise their churches or the healer to attract more people. Well, though it is said that they wanted to give God the glory, but the preacher seemed to get more honour than God. It is not that I do not believe in miracles, but the flaw of today’s healing ministry is that it reinforces the prevalent belief of the world about ‘what works’ more than ‘what’s true’. It is not that God’s name is not mentioned but the ministry caused people to put their faith on a few individuals more than on God. I am not against healing ministry but I am calling for a better balance so that when the churches do not perform those spectacular miracles, the people would still believe in God firmly. We do not just believe in God because of those miracles but because of the greatest Miracle of Jesus Christ. The incarnation, crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest Miracle. No other miracle can replace this. Even though we may know God through other miracles, but all believers should place their faith in the greatest Miracle eventually. Our faith is never solely built on what works but more importantly, what’s true too. Glory should be given to God and not cling on a few individuals who have the ‘power’. Healing is also just directed at our physical infirmities, but includes inner healing and transformation that bring our lives to be  right with God.


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