Love Is More Than Action

We all know that love must come with actions. But there are some people who do not know how to express their love. They just keep it within their hearts. Sometimes, this love can manifest itself as aggressive and abusive actions too. It is like a typical Asian father who tends to scold and beat his child without knowing how to express his love through encouragement and affirmation. Some even use their authority to manipulate their children’s decision without trying to understand them.
There are also those who act without love. They just do a lot of things to impress or get someone’s attention.  Their focus is very much on themselves than the other party. Imagine buying a present that we like for someone without trying to find out what the other party really likes. Or it is like a big company that donates a lot of money to help the poor but the real intention is to improve the company’s image.
Now, we also see more people expressing their love in the wrong manner. Love is a matter of the heart but we tend to reduce it to a matter of material needs. A good example would be replacing our time with our children by giving them various things they want. They might end up spending more time with their computer games than their parents. We also see domestic helpers having a better relationship with the children than their parents.
Love is an art. Not only must it come with actions, the intention must be right. But intention and action are still not sufficient. We need to have the right expression too. Right expression when coupled with understanding and sensitivity, would then be able to touch the hearts of others, not just at the cognitive level but the affective level too.


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