Spiritual Service and Spiritual Life

In the midst of all church programs and activities. Christians must never forget going back to the basics. I have seen many people too busy serving God that they neglect their spiritual lives. It is as though God demands our service more than the relationship. This is never true. God treasures our relationship more than what we can do for Him. It is silly to sacrifice our spiritual life for the service. In fact, our service can become meaningless and futile if it is not done out of a relationship with God. Sometimes, even the pastors are not aware that their members are not doing well spiritually. They are just happy that people are involved in service. We have valued church service more than spiritual life in most cases. In the rush to push for our goals, we forsake our relationship with God. Spiritual service must always be an outflow of our spiritual relationship with God.
There are those who also sacrifice their family because of serving God. Well, God must always come first but that does not mean that we put our family last. The children are already deprived of their time with their parents when we are working, should they get the balance portion of our time and commitment? It is as though training our kids are not serving God. No, children are precious gifts from God and we need to serve God by taking good care of our family. How can the maids have a closer relationship with our children? How can our children stick closer to a smartphone or a ipad than us? We need to spend quality time with them. Play with them and don’t just get them to study.
Of course, there is another extreme where people are spending too much time with their family. We get our children to learn so many things that we do not have time for church. We need a balance. But a fact remains, only spiritual parents can produce spiritual children. In the midst of our service and work, and trying to provide and take care of our children, we cannot neglect our spiritual lives. We do not want to just give our children our frustrations, our anger or our worries, we want to give them a spiritual inheritance. This would have to begin with us.
If we really want to serve God, take care and grow our spiritual lives. If we really care for our family, do give them quality time and have a quality spiritual life so that we can give our children a spiritual inheritance.


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