Driven or Motivated?

Much have been said about being driven. Though it is a very much accepted word in churches today, but it is still my hope for churches today to move from our drivenness to being motivated.
The world is very much driven today. People are often driven by many external factors such as wealth, fame, power, family and  even friends. We can be driven by more than one thing at a time. Even when we have God, it can just be an add-on to those things we already have on hand. Actually, we can be driven by even more things. Many Christians today are driven by their service because it gives them a sense of worth.
Therefore, we can see that drivenness is an external force pushing us to do something. It is like our pastor keeps bugging us to do our quiet time. But when he is not around to check on us, we would skip it. Our relationship with Jesus is just the opposite. Jesus is never like a slave-driver, trying hard to get us out of our comfort zone to serve Him. Instead, He draws us from within, into a most wonderful relationship with Him. Jesus changes us from inside out so that we may experience the true joy of serving Him rather than trying to prove our worth. Within us, we are deeply touched by His grace. We are motivated by His love. This experience gives us the strength to walk with Him without the need of being pushed all the time. My dear friends, have we understood the cross correctly? Have we mistaken our Master to be a mean old man trying to pick faults with us? It is time we change our theology. Don’t be driven by the world and not even God, but be motivated by God.


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