Active Passivity

Seeking transformation in the Lord requires us to understand about active passivity. We have to be proactive in seeking God such as spending fruitful devotion time with the Lord, actively reflecting on the word of God and His ways, cooperating with God by yielding our lives to Him and actively doing and living out our Christian lives. Yet this activity is not something we do out of our own strength, it requires that passivity from us too. As we seek God, we are to passively wait upon Him. As we read the word, we have to be patient for God to reveal His will for us. As we cooperate with God, we have to surrender and submit to Him and subject to His sovereign control. As we serve Him, we have to wait for His directions and strength. These activity and passivity must be held in balance and in tension. I suppose we often mix up the two. When we should be active, we get passive and when we should be passive, we actually run ahead of God. Let us keep these two elements in check as we grow our Christian life.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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