Transient or Transformational Change?

God’s intention for us is to be holy like Him. He wants to restore the image of God in us through the relationship with Him. Thus God puts us through the processes of change. However, the change in a believer’s life can be transient or transformational. Transient change usually occurs when the spiritual life is shallow. The change usually focuses on rituals, behaviours and programs. It fails to deal with the inner spiritual life. As such, there is no inner transformation that results in lasting change.

The Bible, however, advocates transformational change that recreates the inner man to conform to the image of Jesus Christ. This is a lasting change which starts internally and gradually impact on the external life of the believer. This is done by a deliberate choice to cooperate with God to effect those changes. Yet it also calls for a dependent spirit to lean on God, to allow His words, His Spirit, His people and His environment to bring these changes. When there is a deliberate choice and a dependent spirit, it would then result in a deep transformation in the inner spiritual life.

Are the changes in our lives transient or transformational? If there is no transformational change, we would be struggling with our Christian lives. We would feel that there are lots of restrictions. We would always looking for ways to satisfy our sensual gratifications. We would, at most, act to be spiritual. Let us aim for transformational change by allowing God to renew our inner values and principles in life. Then we would be able to understand God’s will for us and live an abundant life in Him.


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