Revival and Renewal

Every church hopes to experience revival. This is because though revival, we can see many people coming to know God and the church would grow. In addition, there are the so-called prophets who prophesied that revival is coming to town. This causes the church to further grow in excitement.
Actually, revival is a good thing, but it usually results in more activities as well. The church is willing to spend more time and money to organise activities, but it ends up running out of time for personal discipleship. The church assumes that the believers would grow naturally and that they are able to take of themselves. But more often than not, believers neglect their spiritual life because of their service to God. The church also wrongly assumes that they already have their pulpit ministry, cell group and Sunday School in place to guide the believers, but they are actually not enough. To let whatever we hear or learn change our lives, we actually need someone to guide us just like how Jesus spent time to disciple His followers.
If the church were to experience a revival, we need renewal in the church first besides praying earnestly. If the believers are renewed in their minds, we know that revival is near. But if there is no renewal of the minds, the church may get into deeper trouble after the revival. Hope that we would make time for personal discipleship to renew the minds of the believers and fight a good fight for the Lord rather than just waiting for revival to come.


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