Losing or Gaining?

In our Christian walk, there would come a time when we find it hard to follow God. This is the time when we know that God means business. He is not just a God who provides everything we need for us but demands a surrendered life from us. We find it hard to obey because we start to count how much we have lost for the sake of following Christ. We see how much we have given up in order to follow Him. We wonder why it is still not enough for Him. Why can’t God just allow us to keep somethings for ourselves? The more we count, the more difficult it is. If we want to live out a life surrendered to God, we must stop counting what we lose and start counting what we gain in Christ. The apostle Paul even went a step further; he also counted what he gained from the world a loss compared to what he gained in Christ. Do we know that what we gain from the world may actually be a hindrance for us to know Christ? It is better to lose them and gain something more precious that we cannot lose.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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