The Concept of Blessing

Everyone wants blessings from God. There is nothing wrong with it. But the problem lies in our understanding of the word. To some, blessings from God means a life of abundance; it should be trouble-free and smooth sailing. However, blessings from God need not necessarily mean this. We can be poor and our lives can be difficult but still be blessed by God. Blessedness is a state when we become the child of God. It is about living in the presence of God more than the presence of material goods or being free from all troubles. It is a spiritual inheritance of God more than a physical one although it can be accompanied by material goods. Next time when we ask blessings from God, it is good to ask what we are really asking God for. Do not just ask for material blessings, ask God for a spiritual one too.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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