Simplifying or Complicating our Teachings?

We can understand the strive for academic excellence. But the higher you go, the more disappointed you can get about the education system. People are always trying to impress others with their knowledge and language skills by the complexity in their writings. They seemed to forget the original purpose of their writings. If the writings were to be so complex and difficult to comprehend, how many people would be able to understand? What is there to be prideful of even if they have written a masterpiece that only few can grasp. The education system has been abused to boost our own ego. Those who are really good are those who can explain and expound complicated stuff with simple language rather than making it more complicated. The crux of education is to make as many people understand our work as possible. The purpose of education is to benefit as many people as possible, and not to impress as many people as possible. To all teachers, do not impress your students by teaching them things they cannot understand. Do not feel great if you have been doing so. If you are not able to simplify the complicated concepts you have learnt, you have failed and missed what education is all about.


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