Process can be more Important than Progress

In this world we are usually measured by performance. When we do not show enough progress, we are often criticised. We ourselves are afraid that we or our children will lag behind others. But God does not see us this way. We are not solely measured by our progress but the processes God put in our lives.  We may not reach the end that we hope to achieve, but God may put an end to it before we know it. Why? This is because God has finished His particular process in us and moving us on to another process. We may think that our children should have done better, but they failed instead. Why? This is because God is working a new process in them. We may think that we can move on, but similar experiences keep repeating. Why? This is because we have not learnt the lessons through these processes. We may make big progress or small progress or even no progress at times, but we are constantly being advanced in the processes of God so that we may be perfected in God. While God use us to achieve His purpose, He is also shaping us because we are part of His wonderful purpose. What is important therefore is that we get the most of these processes. When we work on the processes, we are sure to progress in God.


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CTD is about making authentic disciples for Christ through outreach, discipleship and community development.

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