What’s Happening?

Looking at the news everyday, we would realise that something is amiss. The way that people look at things is seemingly warped these days. People no longer bother about what is the point other people are saying, neither do they bother about whether the comment or action is true or right. Rather there is an increased sensitivity concerning political or national, cultural or racial, and religious arena. People are no longer concerned about the point that the Pope is making, but faulted him in the choice of words used. People are no longer interested in wining support through integrity and uprightness of a political party, but to bring others down by exposing their shameful deeds. People are no longer thinking about what is true, but they are thinking what is hurting them. This seems to be the tyranny of the post modern world, or should we say, going back to the pre-modern world. Perception of people today is largely hinged on the emotive and affective and thus becomes subjective. It has greatly influenced the way that people are using their cognitive faculty so much so that their reasoning becomes faulty. People are using their brains, but they are not putting it into right use even though it may be put into good use. What is happening to the world?


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