More Than Living?

I was reminded of a title of a book, “Make a life not just a living.” I guess many of us are just making a living. We work for work, we work to have fun, we work to provide better living standard, but there is no end to all these. We just have to slog our whole life. Furthermore, things just get more and more. From school to work to family, our responsibilities increases, workload increases, pressure and stress increases. But we are all so willing to be enslaved to work. Nowadays, no one ask “why are working so hard?”, “why am I here for?” Some say these are questions of the past. This is a postmodern world. Just enjoy life. Can we really enjoy life without having answers to these questions? Can we just numb ourselves by burying ourselves with more work? Who are those we would really bother to pause and think “how to make a life?”


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