Indigenous Contextualization

When we come to culture and customs, we tend to think about contextualization. Contextualization is actually an important process of making relevant the existing culture and customs but with a new Christian understanding. But the issue is that contextualization is usually done based on intellectual religion; a religion that is based on what we studied in books. While applied on the field, it is usually not the case. People usually do not even know what their true belief is. Their belief is tends to be eclectic as they usually practice folk religion. Perhaps, we need to look into contextualization again. It may have to be more specific and indignenous. It should be relevant to different cultures and people group rather than just applying some generic principles. Contextualization must reach the indigenous religion and not the intellectual religion. We need the experience in the field rather than what we get from books. Very often what we know from books do not match with what we experienced in real life. Let us find out what is really happening before we contextualize using our book knowledge.


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