A Taut String Makes A Beautiful Note

Once I was so stressed with my school work. But my friend still invited me to her concert. I was thinking of rejecting her invitation but I was too ‘pai seh’. So with a lot of grumbling, I went to the concert. I told myself I must make full use of the concert. During the concert, I learnt something about life. The concert was a Chinese orchestra and I saw one of them was playing the ‘guzhen’. As I watched her played, I learnt something about life. I realised that only a taut string can make a beautiful note. A loose string cannot make any nice music. I realised that in each of our lives, pressure is needed to make our life beautiful. If there is no pressure, we will slack and slog. We need the pressure to provide the necessary tension and motivation to move ahead in life. Of course, it cannot be too taut at the same time. If the string is too taut, it would break as well. There need to be necessary pressure, but not excessive pressure to keep us going in life. So enjoy.


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